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I've noticed quite a few people using dreamwidth layouts either imported from old livejournal code or newer insanejournal code. And one of the results of this is that the CSS that customizes the controlstrip navigation at the top of the page is either broken or non-existent. You can always disable the controlstrip to some degree using your account settings, and completely get rid of it with CSS, but I don't like to make that decision for the user. I personally use the controlstrip a lot when browsing dreamwidth!

So, I decided to whip up some basic controlstrip only CSS. It's at least slightly responsive (you can see the layout at [personal profile] kleptocratic for an example of how the code scales) and designed to be simple to customize to match a variety of layouts and aesthetics.

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This is just a really simple snippet you can use for a muselist or whatever else. You can see another version of this code here at my personal musebox.


Canon Title / Info / Open Post / HMD / Visual /


Canon Title / Info / Open Post / HMD / Visual /


Canon Title / Info / Open Post / HMD / Visual /

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This is just a quick bit of code because I've been asked a lot how I make my visualosities in two columns, like so. I use two divs and inline css to achieve the column effect with way less code & complication that it would take with a table.

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This is the icon/coding/&c. workshop of [personal profile] terra/[plurk.com profile] lightfellows. The layout is a self-made edit of Five AM by [personal profile] winterfish. The design incorporates Swan No 17 (1914-15), by Hilma af Klint. Fonts used are Vollkorn and Varela Round.

The name “vigils” is a joke about staying up too late.

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