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Many years ago there were several stylesheets available for customizing plurk layouts. That all changed when plurk upgraded and broke everything. Galaxias is a layout that will work with plurk that is, instead of plurk that was.

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This is a pretty simple permissions code using the details tag. It's styled as a permissions post, but could pretty easily be used as a muselist or character profile.

OOC Permissions

Backtagging /   Y/N.

Fourthwalling /   Y/N.

General /   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

IC Permissions

Physical Affection /   Nam cursus ligula in arcu gravida, vitae scelerisque magna vulputate.

Violence /   Praesent sollicitudin odio in leo gravida ultrices. Nam sed dui pretium, elementum ipsum nec, elementum ex.

Psychics /   Quisque eget dolor luctus, imperdiet lectus eu, laoreet massa. Donec iaculis lacus quis felis ultricies venenatis.

Ship Preferences

Shipping (Y) |   Sed porta neque vel tellus pulvinar laoreet sit amet ac odio.

Shipping (N) /   Nam eleifend mi a massa hendrerit aliquet.

Other Stuff /   Nulla semper metus sit amet ipsum cursus, eget suscipit velit pharetra. Pellentesque nec ex a justo accumsan ullamcorper.

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This is something I did at the request of [personal profile] jeeps, an update to the CSS tweak that lets you add a label to a plurk username that appears when you hover over a link. Useful for keeping track of your plurk friends who change their username frequently!

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Feel free to modify this however you like, and follow me at [plurk.com profile] vigils for more coding.


This is the icon/coding/&c. workshop of [personal profile] terra/[plurk.com profile] lightfellows. The layout is a self-made edit of Five AM by [personal profile] winterfish. The design incorporates Swan No 17 (1914-15), by Hilma af Klint. Fonts used are Vollkorn and Varela Round.

The name “vigils” is a joke about staying up too late.

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